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Secure, Scalable Biological AI Services for B2B Industry and Academia. Unleash AI’s Full Potential and Accelerate Discoveries.

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    specific models
  • Share endpoints
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  • Auto-scaling GPUs
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Who we are

Our Ethos

BioLM is both a technology and biotechnology company. Enabling the synbio industry with AI requires a multi-disciplinary approach. We are committed to developing scientifically-driven AI services for proteins, DNA, and more.


Pretrained & Tuneable Models



Quickly use classifiers and other inference models to gain insights.

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Rank sequences by functional likelihood, relative Tm, and more.

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Create molecules with inverse-folding, finetuning, and directed generation.

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Encode proteins and DNA into highly informative vectors for machine learning.

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Optimized Finetuning Pipelines

Model Creation

Bring your scientific data to create antibody binding models, estimators of function, enzyme design models, and more. Easily create hyperparameter runs, tune for precision or recall. A simple user interface for creating and sharing model endpoints.

Who Is It For?

We Support

Companies & Teams

We design and serve bio-LLMs for your scientific goals and processes. We take no royalties. Own your models and data.


Architecture and scaling handled by BioLM. Focus on creating applications and value efficiently.

Data Scientists

Model finetuning and predictions without the need to build your own pipelines. Use GPU REST APIs directly in Jupyter Notebooks.

Research Scientists

Friendly interfaces to interact with models using zero code. Gain ML-insight without a computational team.

Our Datasets

Pre-Computed Embeddings Spaces

OAS Antibodies

Rapidly and securely obtain relevant biosimilars using AbLang's embeddings. 2B+

UniRef Proteins

Quickly identify similar proteins by structure and function. 44M+

GenBank DNA

Find DNA with latent and meaningful similarities in embeddings space. 200M+

Take Advantage Of

Data Science

Bioinformatics ML


ML Engineering

Custom LLMs

Model Containerization

We've helped our partners:

  • Rank enzymatic variants
  • Create custom models
  • Model T-cell transcriptomes
  • Improve existing machine learning
  • Enable no-code access to AI
  • Outsource their model development
  • Save money on synthesis

Explore Our Services

Access Advanced Language Models

  • ESM-2
  • ESM-IF1 (Inverse Fold)
  • ESM-1v
  • ESMFold
  • ProteInfer GO
  • ProteInfer EC
  • ProGen2 OAS
  • ProGen2 BFD90
  • ProGen2 Base
  • AbLang Heavy
  • AbLang Light
  • ZymCTRL
  • BioLM-VeTm
  • ProtGPT2

Turn-around time during data science is just as important as turn-around time in the lab

Immediately access our scalable, pod-based GPU infrastructure in order to run algorithms and models on millions of sequences (e.g. from NGS) in a high throughput manner.

  • No need to buy and set up a GPU, or spend time on installation and debugging
  • Models trained and served on Nvidia GPUs with Cuda, PyTorch, scikit-learn, or Tensorflow
  • Access hundreds of GPUs for massive parallelization of API calls

Fixed Rate or Metered API Calls

No large upfront costs or contract agreements. Choose a monthly subscription, or a metered plan to only pay for what you use. Many API endpoints process multiple sequences in batch in order to reduce latency. We take advantage of auto-scaling spot instance and to pass those savings on to you.

Better Results, Lower Cost

  • Free 2k API Calls per month for new users
  • Process millions of sequences for $10s or $100s of dollars

Ready to see how BioLM can transform your business?