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BioLM allows you to run powerful protein and DNA sequence classifiers, inference models, explainers, and custom de novo sequence generators in seconds. All via fast, scalable, and GPU-backed REST APIs. Fine-tune massive NLP models, such as DNABert and ESM, to publish personalized API endpoints. Decide which sequences are the best candidates to move forward with. Or build your own custom pipelines, applications, and dashboards with our APIs - leave the architecture and scaling to us.

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Build ML-Powered SynBio Applications

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What Makes Us Special

Build your applications and pipelines faster, with greater and immediate access to dozens of advanced neural net models and the infrastructure to train them. Improve your classification performance with our DNA and AA tokenizers. Extract latent information in your sequences using Natural Language Processing models. A single cloud-GPU costs $1k-$3k/mo. We help you run algorithms at a lower cost and without worrying about deployments or scaling. That means no upfront development or deployment time for you. The next generation of biotech companies is about software, and we’ve spent our careers pushing the boundaries of biological algorithm development. Let us bring that expertise to you.

  • Advanced Advisory Team available
  • Want to see an algorithm on the platform? Get in touch.
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Explore Our Services

Pre-developed UIs for common DNA and protein algorithmic tasks

  • Train two-class NN-NLP models from uploaded FASTA files, e.g. low vs. high expressors; antibody binders vs. non-binders
  • Predict the structure of AA / protein sequence to generate PDB files in bulk
  • Mature your antibody sequences using deep-mutational scanning (DMS) and ESM's massive language model

Access some of today's most advanced and supported Language Models (LM)

Or, upload your own PyTorch or Transformers models in order to quickly put a scalable and secure API with those endpoints in front of it, for immediate consumption.

All NLP Model APIs Automatically Publish:

  • Tokenization endpoints
  • Inference endpoints
  • Classification endpoints
  • Explainer API endpoints
  • Generative NLP endpoints
  • Plus, fine-tune your own models

Turn-around time during data science is just as important as turn-around time in the lab

Immediately access our scalable, pod-based GPU infrastructure in order to run algorithms and models on millions of sequences (e.g. from NGS) in a high throughput manner.

  • No need to buy and set up a GPU, or spend time on installation and debugging
  • Models trained and served on Nvidia GPUs with Cuda, PyTorch, scikit-learn, or Tensorflow
  • Access hundreds of GPUs for massive parallelization of API calls

Fixed Rate or Metered API Calls

No large upfront costs or contract agreements. Choose a monthly subscription of $350, or a metered plan to only pay for what you use. Many API endpoints process multiple sequences in batch in order to reduce latency. We take advantage of Spot capacity in the cloud as much as possible in order to keep compute costs low for us and to pass those savings on to you.

We Aim to Make Models More Accessible

  • Free 100 API Calls for new users to experiment with
  • Free 1k API Calls per month for .edu users
  • Process millions of sequences for $10s or $100s of dollars